PJs in Public: It Could Happen to You

You just never think it will happen to you. I dashed out to pick up my daughter at school when she was ill, and thought to myself "slippers are fine I'm not getting out of the car." You know what happens next right? My poor baby is feeling very ill and I, trying to be the good mommy, speed down to the village to dash into the Dollar General and pick up some medication. Only when I was standing in said Dollar General did it hit me. I was officially that woman wearing slippers in a store downtown. And me without a house coat and curlers. 

You swear it will never happen to you, and then one day it does. #Shame #OhHowTheMightHaveFalle 
My capable moving crew. Will work for food :) Dining set by Craigslist - of course . 

A Thrift Addict Speaks Out

I hear people say they don't go to Friday night farm auctions (it's a thing, look it up) because they don't need "hogs or hay balers." That's fine but do you need these - Boom! Pottery Barn style blown sea glass hurricanes for a combo total of $15 (Retail could easy be 6x higher) 

Cheaper than Craigslist

Seriously people. Shop those barns and garages Even cheaper than Craigslist is the "shop your husband's stash" collection. 

The industrial chic shelving I wanted was less than a click away - I needed only to cross my own backyard (I know, with the WALKING ugh). 

I was eagerly showing (annoying? Enticing? Challenging?) Mr. Wonderful with my Pinterest inspired dreams when he said "what  about this?" - and promptly lost his tool shelf. 

Now his air supplies (not to be confused with the 80's band) are on the floor and mama got out the pressure washer and now has a bookshelf she LOVES.